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Mhlanganisi travel and tours was founded by pastor maswanganyi who have been in the tourism industry since 2006 and have a great love for Africa and wildlife

Mhlanganisi”means “Someone who connects people.

Pastor Maswanganyi grow up in the village in Limpopo province where you know everyone in the village, my clan name is Mhlanganisi, my father who was pastor in my village worked very hard to unite people in my village.

So he came with the idea to start a tourism company to share the love, knowledge, passion with our guest.

Mhlanganisi travel and tours is an African own tour operator based in Johannesburg South Africa.

Mhlanganisi travel and tours offers tours and safaris in South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Zambia and Zimbabwe. We are excited to introduce you to, South Africa.

Our aim is to provide excellent service to our guest while offering fun, unique and affordable tours and safaris.

All guides who work for mhlanganisi travel and tours are well trained and registered with the accredited authority (THETA) Tourism, hospitality, sports, education and training authority.

Unique and affordable tours and safaris.

Mhlanganisi Travel and Tours

The Real African Experience

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